Boxel Rebound

Your gaming skills are about to push their limits! How many levels will you be able to complete in the very challenging Boxel Rebound?

Boxel Rebound game, there are a number of obstacles that will make it difficult for you to lose and progress to meet you. You will take control of a box that is very determined to progress in the game. It will explode if it hits objects like thorns and traps in this jumping game. You will have to drag it on the ground by bouncing it in one piece to the finish point. But will you be able to do this successfully? For an even bigger challenge, you can design your own levels and make them even more intense!

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Boxel Rebound is to prevent an unstoppable box from contacting various trap spikes and smash objects. Also look for portals that can cause the box to shrink or grow. The game is over when you fall into deep spaces. Don't forget to jump forcefully over these gaps!

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  • USING THE MOUSE, you can make choices in the menu and the section you want to play, or you can make choices during the game.
  • With LEFT CLICK, you can make the colored box, which is the main character of Boxel Rebound , avoid obstacles and reach the high hills it needs to climb with a single command.
  • It will be enough to touch and pull your finger anywhere on the screen in the game to provide control over mobile and smart devices with touch screen. It is possible to give the desired setting by clicking on the selected items on the menu and section selection screen.


Boxel Rebound was developed by Doppler, a game developer and producer.


You can easily continue the obstacle-filled story of this brave fantasy box on tablets, phones and other touch devices. After many unsuccessful attempts, you can enjoy reaching the end point by not giving up and trying again and again. Boxel Rebound is an accessible game for all devices with browser access. Get caught up in the current of the box in the universe of this futuristic game and work together on the road to victory!